Quel Temps Fait Il À Nice

If you are traveling to France, indeed you"ll want to brosser up on your rasmyar.com weather vocabulary. How else will certainly you à savoir whether or not to grab her parapluie (umbrella), jaune your lunettes ns soleil (sunglasses). You might listen venir la météo (the weatherman) or read les prévisions (the forecast) to comprendre a better idea du what the day stop in store.

Tip parce que le Americans: Remember the la température is in Celsius et not Farenheit!

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In rasmyar.com, asking and talking about thé weather requires the verb faire. Si you want venir ask about thé weather tu say, Quel temps fait-il?. Venir answer that question you typically say, il fait. . .

beau (nice jaune beautiful) chaud (hot) froid (cold) nageux (cloudy)

Note: Rain, snow et other weather events ont their own verbs et don"t need faire.


If tu see foncé nuages (clouds), opportunités are great that you are in for un orage (thunderstorm). Différent words tu might view that marche along through a thunderstorm:

la éclair (lightening) la tonnere (thunder) la pluie (rain) il pleut! (it"s raining) ns arc-du-ciel (a rainbow) pleut jusqu’à verse (pouring)


Everyone loves ce when il neige (it snows). Maybe you can go outside and build un bonhomme de neige (a snowman). However, si there is a lot of glace (ice), you might want à stay indoors and enjoy some chaud cocoa! si you want à be well prepared, listen for the complying with words during auto forecast:

la précipitation (precipitation) l"hiver (winter) tempête de neige (blizzard)

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Il fait de vent or "it"s windy," is miscellaneous you"ll hear typically in thé forecast--particularly if you are seaside. A couple of more words that define various states de wind include:

une tornade (tornado) une ouragan (hurricane) un énormément vent (gale)


You sait that it"s spring when thé tulips space in bloom and your allergies start acting up. Check auto forecast parce que le words prefer le pollen, jaune taux de pollen to find the end whether or not you are walking to have issues with the pollen. You"ll also want à watch out pour une brise (a breezy), jaune weather the is specifically venteux (windy). Spring breezes room nice cible sure can wreak havoc v seasonal allergies.

Consider weather expressions using the verb faire to be part of your daily phrases. Tu can practice them making use of flashcards, or meilleur yet, vous ne faites pas into a forecast et see comment much amie can understand. Auto more français weather vocabulary tu know, thé more all set you"ll be!

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