Quelle heure est il a san diego

For our last french vocabulary lesson, guardian Carol Beth L. Taught us numbers, counting, and basic math. Now, it’s temps to put that knowledge à work with this lesson on telling temps in French…

So, are tu confident through your number in français yet? Telling temps is a wonderful way to practice – et is very helpful in everyday life! Let’s begin with a few basic words and phrases:

Heure hourL’heure the timeQuelle temps est-il? What time is it?(Say: Kel Ur ay-teel)Il dorient ______ heures. It is ___ o’clock.

Vous lisez ce: Quelle heure est il a san diego

Midi noon (12pm)Minuit midnight (12am)

In the des questions “Quelle heure est-il,” parce que le the purposes du pronunciation, ce is helpful to be aware du the concept of the liaison in French. When une word starts with a vowel sound, cible the coming before word ends through a quiet consonant, the consonant is pronounced almost as if it were the tons letter de the suivant word. This is why thé “t” in “est” is pronounced thé way it is – marqué the “s,” i m sorry is likewise normally silent, is not.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Susie: Quelle temps est-il? What temps is it?Alain: Il dorient 9 (neuf) heures. it is 9 o’clock.

Alain: Quelle heure est-il? What temps is it?Susie: Il dorient midi. Allons-y manger! ce is noon. Let’s go eat!

In France, it is de nombreux to realize the the personnes you are speaking to will measure time nous the 24-hour clock, regularly referred to oui military time in thé United States. So parce que le any hour in thé afternoon jaune evening, you will require to ajouter 12 à the alors we generally use pour the hour in auto United States:

13:00 = 1pm14:00 = 2pm15:00 = 3pm16:00 = 4pm17:00 = 5pm18:00 = 6pm19:00 = 7pm20:00 = 8pm21:00 = 9pm22:00 = 10pm23:00 = 11pm

Here are a couple of examples of how this would be provided in context:

Il est 13 (treize) heures. (It is 1:00 in auto afternoon. Literally: cette is 13 o’clock.)Il dorient 18 (dix-huit) heures. (It is 6:00 in the evening. Literally: it is 18 o’clock.)

So what about thé times in between? Here, a little more vocabulary will help nous out:

______ heures et quart a quarter previous ____________ heures rang demie half past ____________ heures moins le quart a quarter venir ______

Again, let’s check out this in context:

1) cest minuit moins les quart.

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(It’s a quarter to midnight. Or equivalently: It’s 11:45pm.)2) Il est 15 (quinze) temps et demie. (It’s a quarter previous three in the afternoon. Jaune equivalently: It’s 3:15pm.)3) Il dorient 7 (sept) temps et quart. (It’s a quarter past seven in auto morning. Or equivalently: It’s 7:15am.)

Note that in the french version, “in thé morning” jaune “in auto afternoon” (indicated in auto English translation) is implied because they use auto 24-hour clock. These three vocabulary state – “et quart,” “et demie,” et “moins les quart” – regularly require more practice for American students than the style that comes next, cible they space used fairly often.

You peut faire wish to se concentrer on practicing telling temps using this formats until cette feels natural à you avant moving on. Try looking at a clock at random fois throughout thé day and telling thé time follow to thé nearest quarter-hour. Or if you have a “will return at” authorize with a moveable clock on it, oui a friend montrer you arbitrarily times de their choosing, et give them auto time (again, to the nearest quarter-hour) in French. You or a friend can additionally draw clocks with desirable times conditions météorologiques them.

So what si you need to be much more precise than telling time to thé quarter-hour? In English, nous might say “It’s ten-oh-three,” or “It’s eleven fifty-seven.” In French, tu can aller almost thé same thing:

Il dorient dix temps trois. (It’s 10:03 am.)Il dorient onze temps cinquante-sept. (It’s 11:57 am.)Il est dix-sept temps vingt-neuf. (It’s 5:29 pm.)Il est midi quarante-deux. (It’s 12:42 pm.)

In these and similar cases, it is in sure venir include thé word “heures” in your phrase between the hour and the minutes. We do not include cette in English, marqué it is considérable in French.

Now, you have several methods to raconter time in French. If you newly learned to count in French, it is also an excellent way à practice her numbers. Practice your français vocabulary consistently and telling temps – et numbers – will certainly become second nature.

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