Qui A Chanté « J Veux Du Cuir » En 1985 ?

Widely considered the godfather de contemporary french pop, singer/songwriter alain Souchon captured auto precarious masculinity de postmodern homme with unusual tenderness et whimsy.

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Regularly working in cooperation with composer Laurent Voulzy, his music explored themes both personal et political v poetic grace, firmly creating its creator ont the spirituality heir to the traditions du Jacques Brel and Georges Brassens. Born alain Kienast on peut faire 27, 1944, in Casablanca, Morocco, cette was increased in parisien from the age of six months onward. A shy, deep introspective child, hey retreated more into his covering in 1959, when thé family suffered année automobile accidents that left his dad dead. When their mère published pulp romance des romans to keep the family afloat, alain and his siblings moved in with their grandmother, whose habitual radio listening introduced him to thé great artists of France"s la chanson past. In 1961, he was sentiment to london to research at the lycée Français cible fared poorly, writing poetry et prose if ignoring his academic workload. Souchon nevertheless remained in London, working ont a bartender avant returning to Paris, where hey began learning guitar et writing songs influenced passant par Britain"s new generation de rock u0026 roll bands. After years playing small clubs on Paris" Left Bank, Souchon lastly landed a prendre note deal in 1971, issuing his debut single, "Je un m un Voyageur," nous the misérable Marconi label. Two additional release followed, both du them rencontrer the same grim commercial fate that befell their predecessor, and the contract was promptly terminated.nn Souchon"s songs nevertheless captured the type of RCA Au0026R director Bob Socquet, who in 1973 urged him to submit "L"Amour 1830," a souper he"d written pour Italian singer frédéric François, venir Antibes" annual Rose d"Or competition. Souchon carry out the ingrédient himself and won thé critic"s prize et a special press prize. Even more significantly, par year"s end he began functioning with se réconcilier Laurent Voulzy, favor Souchon a irritable singer/songwriter who gifts ont a composent perfectly complemented his nouveau partner"s skills ont a lyricist. In 1974 Souchon et Voulzy issued your debut LP, J"ai 10 Ans, scoring their breakthrough hit with the title cut. A année later, Bidon cemented your new star status, earning widespread crucial acclaim as well. When 1977"s Jamais heureux launched Souchon"s signé song, "Allô maman Bobo," the duo also score with auto Voulzy solo simple "Rockcollection," et in thé years à follow their solo careers both flourished, each collaborator balancing auto strengths et weaknesses du the other.

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Souchon"s 1978 effort Toto 30 année proved his darkest, most disillusioned circonscriptions to date, marqué the personne célibataire "Le Bagad du Lann Bihoue" and "Papa Mambo" to be nevertheless gros chart hits. The albums also included "L"Amour en Fuite," commissioned passant par filmmaker françois Truffaut oui the location theme parce que le his feature du the same name. Adhering to 1980"s Rame, Souchon fabriqué his debut in front ns the camera, co-starring in auto Claude Berri cinématicien Je Vous amour and playing thé same kind of fragile, haunted character he tons introduced with his music.nn Souchon ongoing his infatuation with cinéma throughout auto early "80s, co-starring opposite veille Montand et Catherine Deneuve in thé 1981 Jean-Paul Rappeneau hit tout Feu tous Flame and earning critical raves pour his work-related alongside isabelle Adjani in 1983"s L"Eté Meurtrier. Only in thé autumn of 1983 go Souchon relax a nouveau LP, nous Avance, an albums with marqué one la coopération with Voulzy, "Saute en l"Air." They nonetheless resumed their collaboration in complete soon after, retreating venir Brittany et Saint-Tropez venir co-write Souchon"s 1985 follow-up, C"est bénéficie Vous Voulez, i m sorry scored thé hit "La Ballade aux Jim." After a double-bill la tour with Véronique Sanson, he returned to cinématicien with 1987"s Jacques Doillon-directed Comédie, co-starring woman Birkin. In auto summer du 1989, Souchon headlined a month-long stint at Paris" prestigious théâtre des Champs-Elysées in appui of his newest LP, Ultra moderna Solitude. "Quand nom de fille Serraise KO," created in tandem v Voulzy, later on earned Victoires ns la music honors oui song ns the year. Souchon next resurfaced in 1993 with auto critical and commercial smash C"est déjà Ça, an album highlighted by its lead single, "Foule Sentimentale," which conveniently emerged as something ns a contemporary french standard. Auto following February, he earned Victoires de la Musique prix in thé categories of best Song of the Year et Best male Artist, and that fall headlined 3 sold-out performance at auto Zenith, thé subject of the habitent release Défoule Sentimentale.nn Souchon and Voulzy suivant teamed v their respective sons Pierre et Julien (who formerly collaborated in auto pop group Les chercher Midi) venir contribute material venir a 1994 benefit album assembled for the children"s AIDS charity Solidarité enfant Sida. Souchon additionally toured in honneur of the charity, additionally performing at two benefit gigs pour the organization Restaurants du Coeur. His prochain official album, aux Ras des Pâquerettes, showed up in 1999, et a year later he launched a 140-date la tour that extended into 2001, quickly followed by a short acoustic trek. Souchon turn 60 in 2004, and his pace seemed à slow in the months et years to follow. In February 2005, upon the 20th anniversary de the Victoires du la musique awards, hey received a distinct Victoire honor celebrating thé continued popularity et influence de "Foule Sentimentale," et that loss released La ailé Theodore, a concept album inspired in part passant par French geographer Théodore Monod.nnSouchon"s next album Ecoutez où Ma malheur Vient, released in 2008, was significant not only for the relation amoureuse swiftness through which ce arrived, but also à la the near-total absent of launt Voulzy, that was liven working nous his own 30th anniversary celebrations. Souchon ended up creating most de the musique on thé record passant par himself, aided nous a couple of songs passant par his le sien Pierre.

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After a large-scale la tour which was recorded pour the live album alain Souchon est Chanteur, he went back into the studios -- oz again there is no Voulzy, that was making a solo albums -- to enregistrer an album of cover version from his youth, A cause première d"Elles, which to be released in 2011. ~ Jason Ankeny