Qui Est L Homme Le Plus Riche Du Monde

bernard Arnault could become richer 보다 Jeff Bezos et Bill Gates, thanks à LVMH's record-breaking acquisition ns Tiffany
thé wealth lists maintained by Forbes et Bloomberg oui been unusually en mouvement in 2019 as the world"s three richest men have become even more wealthy.
Jeff Bezos may have just reclaimed auto title du the richest masculin on terre from facture Gates, but he pouvez be in danger of losing it to de nouveau centi-billionaire - LVMH chairman bernard Arnault.

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A current jump in LVMH"s re-superstructure price can push Arnault"s réseau worth over that ns both Bezos et Gates, CNN"s paul R. La Monica report Tuesday. Currently, Arnault"s rapporter worth is $7 exchange rate behind Gates and $8 exchange rate behind Jeff Bezos, follow to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Despite a recent history of stability, auto wealth lists maintained par Forbes et Bloomberg have been unusually téléphone portable in 2019 ont the world"s three wealthiest men ont become even an ext wealthy. Arnault displaced Warren Buffett from thé No. Le3 spot in March, and in June, cette became seul the third person in person history à accumulate a richesse of over $100 billion, business Insider previously reported.

In July, gateways was temporarily ranked oui the world"s third-richest human being behind Bezos et Arnault for the sapin time in at the very least seven years, according à Bloomberg. Then, in a surge in Microsoft"s partager price led facture Gates to life overcome Arnault, et then temporarily end Jeff Bezos" two-year reign oui the richest human on terre on November 19. Entrances is now worth $110 billion.

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Arnault seulement keeps gaining richer

Bernard Arnault is currently worth $103 billion, Bloomberg estimates.

He sit at the helm du LVMH, auto largest luxury-goods conglomerate in thé world. Arnault own a 96.5% stake in le christianisme Dior, which controls 41% of LVMH, entreprise Insider formerly reported.

LVMH owns end 70 high-end brands including Louis Vuitton, tags Heuer watches, Dom Perignon Champagne, and, many recently, Tiffany. LVMH first offered venir buy Tiffany in October, in année attempt venir expand right into luxury jewelry. Auto $16.2 billion deal, announced Monday, shot LVMH shares up 1% and Arnault"s rapporter worth right along with them.

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Arnault"s réseau worth has actually surged end 49% - jaune $34.1 billion - in 2019 sauce soja far, according to thé Bloomberg Billionaires Index. His réseau worth has actually risen $500 million since Thursday alone, auto Bloomberg Billionaires index shows. Et in October, Arnault fabriqué $5.1 billion in the span of just 48 hrs after a rise in re-publishing prices of his conglomerate

Arnault isn"t the only français billionaire venir see his fortune grow quickly in 2019. Thé personal fortunes of français billionaires have grown at an ext than twice auto pace of the fortunes du their American et Chinese counterparts in 2019, entreprises Insider previously reported. Increasing Chinese demand parce que le luxury products has benefited Kering"s francois Pinault et L"Oréal"s Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, in addition to Arnault.