I’ve to be in la france nearly 3 years now et have fabriquer great* strides in knowledge the français people, thé language and culture et the normal day to day. Cible despite this, there are a few things i don’t think I’ll ever before understand around the french (even if je adapt). Soja here castle are…

*depends on your definition de the word


Do tu understand auto French? occasionally the culture is baffling. Here are the top 7 fémur I’ll never understand about the français (and sometimes the french themselves don’t importer it either):

1. Once is it bonsoir time?

That magical hour where you switch from saying bonjour à bonsoir is just as elusive ont a friendly customer prestations de service department. Walk bonsoir start at 6 p.m.? When ce gets dark? When ce is practically dark? I’ve tried toutes les personnes of these and have claimed bonjour at 6 p.m. In the lété when auto sun is encore shining seulement to be greeted with a bonsoir. It’s no super deal but I’d like in conditions météorologiques the signification littérale piece of knowledge nous when it’s temps to to speak bonsoir. (French personnes seem à not oui a hard-and-fast rule conditions météorologiques this.)

2. Why do stores close at 7 p.m.? Even nous the weekends.

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Not sure about you, but I favor convenience (only seconde to gift comfortable). So ma American self has learned to seul up earlier à stores et plan a little meilleur since 11 p.m. Grocery store runs don’t exist in France. Nobody’s ever heard ns Wawa jaune 7-11 around here apparently. But let’s it is in reasonable. I’m a reasonable person. 11 p.m. Is late cible come on, comment about 9 p.m. It is a reasonable time to fermé up shop. It allows à la those who job-related to pop in nous their method home et for those that eat dinner conditions météorologiques the early page to hit up a store or two after dinner. But 7 p.m.? seulement nope. Et don’t get me started around Sundays. Or lunchtime.

Yes, of artaserse there are exceptions – let moi be clear around that — et not every magasin in every town closes at 7 p.m. cible take pour example our stroll through Angers last night. The a decent-sized city marqué we to be rushed out ns Fnac (French le meilleur Buy) at 6:55 p.m. Et the doors were being close up door at all the stores at 7 p.m. Nous a Saturday. Je just don’t get it. But that doesn’t issue in auto least because i live in la france so je now play passant par France’s rules.


3. Why do you comprendre more than you need at the pharmacy et why can’t they usage labels?

Maybe it’s auto American in me cible it seems awfully wasteful à give someone année entire boîte of medicine if they only need 3/4 of the pills inside. Elle see, in France, si the doctor puts you conditions météorologiques antibiotics parce que le 7 days and you’re instructed to take 2 pills per day, amie don’t just comprendre 14 pills. Et you absolutely don’t get them in a signification littérale child-proof container v a lid finish with her name and instructions tous typed up. You get the whole caisse of pills regardless ns the unpreventable leftovers et the handwritten ligne directrice will it is in scrawled conditions météorologiques the side of the box. (The solstice above is quite tame and is strange legible. Je guess ns threw out all my old boxes through sweet scrawl.)

I think bad penmanship is a prerequisite à be a pharmacist in la france or occupational at the french pharmacy. Seeing a half-legible scrawl crammed into thé tiny white space on your medicine box might not be thé safest way à instruct a customer on comment to take your medication. Marqué what thé heck à faire I know. Anyway, open any french person’s medication cabinet and you’ll see fifty percent empty crate of tous kinds ns things. Not even joking.

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4. Why does thé salad come after auto meal?

At any kind of given dinner even if it is you’re at someone’s loger or at a restaurant, auto salad course is constantly enjoyed after the main course. The salad is not année appetizer jaune something à put alongside her main course but a palate-cleansing plate du greens that will always come after you’ve stuffed you yourself full du whatever fish or meat was on the menu. Don’t know about you, cible I amour kicking off my meal v salad. It’ll fill me up a au sens propre so i don’t cou myself conditions météorologiques the duck later on and eases elle into what’s to come. Marqué in France, expect it after you’re full. Ugh. (The climax above was ma friendly-looking gamblet from last night’s dinner at ns Table Ronde complete with a salad. Happy camper here! ;-))

5. Why aller you oui to pay a tax parce que le owning a TV?

Yeah, I’m serious. If your home has a tv set, amie pay a tax. See how ridiculous this is? It’s like asking si your home has walls. TVs space ubiquitous this days haricot de soja when the inspector comes around venir verify si you oui a TV jaune not (they ont the right to verify if you do indeed ont one jaune not if there’s any type of question), tu should à faire what à m did ago in his old apartment (I’m serious). Keep auto volets attracted (see comment useful volets have the right to be?) when it’s tv tax time soja the inspector can’t check out in from outside — and don’t answer the door if you don’t sait who ce is. Cette got away through not paying parce que le a year!

And it’s no chump change. Comment much is auto tax, elle ask? about 130 euros this year for metropolitan France! Jeezus. It’s called la redevance audiovisuelle et you pay thé same fee nevertheless of how many TVs you own — seul one tax effronté household revenir year. It apparently médias French public TV stations. What’s next, a restroom tax? Ssshh, don’t offer ’em any ideas.

6. Why isn’t bank free?

The français pay for their banque accounts et debit cards and it’s not cheap. à la great service, amie ask? no really. Auto banks oui short hours, particularly in petit towns (open at 9, closed pour 2 hours at lunch, and then close at 5pm in thé evening) et aren’t merveilleux helpful anyway Tom’s card expired in May and it take it them a month venir send the a nouveau one. Twice actually due to the fact that they didn’t savoir what the nouveau PIN was. A debit card is a need for tous les jours life in France.

Anyway….A ordinaire debit card will run you a yearly fee du about 20 à 30 euro in la france to get and then a simple checking account will be le minimum 5 euros/month. Ours is “fancy” ns guess and it’s 11. WTF? je love ma TD banque at home. Free checking. Cost-free card. Opening a banque account needs a bit of patience ont well.

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7. Why are there non screens nous windows?

My pest bites pretty much define why je think this is nuts. Screens can not be super pretty but they à faire serve a purpose. It’s seul logical à put screens nous windows — but French homes à faire not have screens. At all. One might deduce that the french aren’t logical… but I digress. Between bugs in thé house et bugs biting her skin, screens really are thé easiest solution but the french don’t seem to agree. Sauce soja yup, I’m the house with duct recorded screens nous the windows.

Do tu understand thé French? quel would tu add? and hey Frenchies, quel don’t tu understand about Americans?