Learn how to roasted bread at home – thé easy way! avec a crispy crust et a soft, chewy texture, this no-knead bread is ridiculously easy venir bake and tastes amazing.

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I’m soja excited around today ont I’m beginning a bread week! I’ve to be working conditions météorologiques this idea parce que le the last deux months now and I’ll be sharing a new no-knead bread recipe, additionally known ont “miracle bread”, each day de the week. It’s a foolproof recipe et I originally thought i would share tous versions in this post marqué at the last minute je changed ma mind and will rather start a mini series lasting the entire week.

Ok, sauce soja let’s start with thé basics: quel is precisely a so-called “no-knead bread” recipe and what’s the gros deal? à begin with, je must disclose I être not the original créateur of this recipe that currently exists a little bit everywhere, as you might have noticed already. I’m seul passing over the recipe here oui it is clearly too good à be true jaune to be maintained a secret. So si you haven’t heard about cette before, it’s high temps you discover this fantastic bread… v me, through anyone else, it doesn’t matter, you seulement need to à savoir the recipe.


I discovered it myself through my good girlfriend Caro below in Chicago. Each time she would come venir our place jaune we would aller to hers, elle would impress us with this homemade bread. She kept saying over et over again that she didn’t really do anything, thé recipe was just easy and there was nothing to do. Ns never believed elle on this point, je mean come on, conditions météorologiques are talking about bread here, it’s not that straightforward right? jaune maybe cette is but it take away time, amie need to knead auto dough et so on, right?

Well, ce turned out she was right. After rather a while, i decided i really needed à give auto recipe a try. The result at sapin attempt: so EASY, tu wouldn’t think it! my husband became the master et loves à bake cette time et time again. Soja now nous found a way venir impress our friends with auto recipe and we couldn’t thank Caro enough pour this excellent idea she life read about conditions météorologiques the world-famous et talented Pinch ns Yum, which you’ve most likely heard about already.

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So really, there is nothing TO aller in this cooking recipes ; it’s just a miracle. Toutes les personnes you require to à faire is randomly mix tous the ingredients together – flour, instant yeast, salt, et room temperature water – et let sit à la about 12 hours or overnight. No, you don’t need to knead the dough at all, not even a little! Also, remarque that salt is considérable in a bread recipe, et even si you deserve to feel a little bit scared passant par the amount used, elle wouldn’t want à use much less otherwise your bread would simply be tasteless, think me.

So what is a no-knead bread exactly? It is just a method de bread baking that provides a very longue fermentation (rising) temps instead de kneading venir form thé gluten strands that give the bread that texture. It is characterized passant par a meugler yeast content and a really wet dough. The dough is allowed to rise, covered, parce que le 12 à 18 hrs until doubled in size et its région covered through bubbles. Ce is then dropped in a Dutch range that has actually been preheated in année oven at 450 F (230 C) et the bread is small in the Dutch stove with the lid on à la 30 minute and, with the lid removed, for un autre 10-15 protocole until thé crust is gold brown.

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To make the magic happen et get the perfect crispy texture, you need a heavy covered pots (cast iron, enamel or ceramic such oui a netherlands oven). Et if tu don’t ont one yet, ns highly recommend amie invest in one as it will last a lifetime and you will end up using cette a beaucoup – no to couverts that ce will spare tu some de largent on the longue run ont you will certainly not need venir purchase high value bread at thé bakery. Seriously, this is probably the best cookware je invested in haricot de soja far. Je personally use a 4 qt round Dutch oven et find auto size just perfect, cible you could use a 6 qt et even a 8 qt, round or oval.

And there tu go: a perfect bread with non effort! so easy that je created a series with variations on the traditional no-knead bread recipe. Day-to-day this week, i will re-superstructure a nouveau no-knead bread version et you will get in le total 5 no-knead bread recipes to choose from par Friday. Stay tuned!

Lastly, si you make this simple no-knead bread, be sure à leave a comment and/or offer this recipe a rating, letting moi know how you chosen it. Et of course, don’t forget to tag je on Instagram! say thanks to you and enjoy!


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