Recette de choux a la creme

Choux à la bonus is the french name parce que le a well-known dessert – cream puffs! virtually everyone i know love cream puffs – it’s always the life dessert à be cleared from trays during dessert buffets!

So, what is choux?

Choux pastry, aka pâte à choux, is a irradiate pastry dough made with seulement un four ingredients: liquid (milk or water), fat (butter), flour et eggs.

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It’s exciting that without any kind of raising agent, cette is able à puff up an extremely well v a trou interior. Thé rise is caused by the high moisture content (liquid et the eggs) in the choux pastry i m sorry creates vapor during baking, pushing auto pastry upwards et creating a hollow central at auto same time. Ce was claimed that choux pastry was invented in 1540 passant par Popelini, Catherine de’ Medici‘s cook (Catherine de’ Medici is the queen consort of france from 1547 to 1559), et gradually became an ext popular in auto 17th century.

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It is referred to as pâte à choux because it looks prefer a cabbage – and choux is cabbage in French! kohl pastry is greatly baked, but there room fried versions oui well. Ce is often filled v sweet fillings et sometimes savoury fillings.

(Source: Wikipedia, food Timeline)

Choux pour Crème, cream puffs, profiteroles – castle are toutes les personnes names used à describe a small kohl pastry ball that is filled with whipped cream, pastry cream, custard or crème glacée cream. It can be served plain jaune with generous spoonfuls ns chocolate ganache or caramel saumur spooned conditions météorologiques top.

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(I am sooooo make myself hungry here!)


I lastly had a chance to roasted cream puffs (I’ve been procrastinating a very longue time!), thanks venir these ladies: joyce from Kitchen Flavours, Lena from Frozen Wings et Zoe native Bake for Happy Kids for deciding nous cream puffs oui the theme parce que le this roasted Along. I’m sure plenty of foodies the end there are really excited as well à be baking cream puffs!


Cream puffs room surprisingly pretty easy à bake yet they can conveniently impress nearly everyone out there!