Difficulty: Easy prepare time: 20 min cuisiner time: 210 min Serving: 4 people Cost: Average

His majesty auto Bolognese sauce: thé typical condiment de the classic lasagna. One of the many representative sauces of good Italian cuisine. A real comfort nourriture since elle leave cette cooking in thé pan et someone approaches to steal some v a piece ns bread. If you too are among thé gourmets who prepare Bolognese sauce à la Sunday nous Saturday, whether it is tagliatelle or egg lasagna, you cannot miss all the steps of our recipe. Over there is only une Bolognese sauce: the one deposited par the Italian academy of nourriture at thé Chamber of commerce in 1982 et from which anyone draws à create their own perfect recipe. Every household has one and the household is no exception! find our recipe and tell nous about your variations jaune your tricks parce que le Bolognese sauce!

Beef10 ½oz(300 g)- (minced beef, coarsely ground et mixed)Tomato puree1 ½cup(300 g)Carrots½cup(50 g)Celery½cup(50 g)Yellow onions1cup(50 g)Fine saltto tasteBlack pepperto tasteRed wine½cup(100 g)Pancetta bacon1cup(150 g)Vegetable brothto tasteExtra virgin olive oil1tbsp

comment to prepare Ragu" alla bolognese

Shell ce well 4 and let cette brown. In auto meantime, take care de the vegetables. Peel thé carrot and chop it finely 5. Climate clean thé celery and chop cette too of the exact same size oui your carrots 6.

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Stir 10 et let simmer pour 5-6 minute 11. Ajouter the ground du bœuf 12,


stir 13 et raise thé heat. Permit it brown without haste, auto meat should seal well. Deglaze with rouge wine 14 et mix again. As soon as the alcohol has evaporated, add the tomato puree 15.

Stir and incorporate ce 16 17. Add a couple of ladles of hot vegetable broth 18.

Cover with thé lid, cible do not fermer la porte completely 19. At this mettre en ordre the Bolognese sauce must chef for at least 2 hours. Check ce every 20 minutes and ajouter more broth ont needed. After deux hours, taste the sauce and season v salt et pepper 20. Line again et your sauce will be ready 21.


You deserve to prepare auto Bolognese sauce in advance and heat cette when needed. Tu can keep it in a glass container, well covered with plastic wrap, parce que le a très of 2-3 days.

If you oui used tous fresh ingredients, you can likewise freeze it.

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The variations of Bolognese sauce are haricot de soja many.

If elle prefer, towards thé end de cooking, amie can ajouter a glass ns milk jaune a pinch ns sugar. Ce will serve to dampen thé acidity de the tomato. In auto past, milk was likewise used to dampen auto wild taste of meat during cooking, but it is something that is no plus long or hardly ever done today.

There space those who usage a mix of pork and beef to get a fat mélanger at thé right point. Nous advise you to use, in enhancement to auto pancetta, auto skirt steak jaune in any case a cut that is not too lean.

Instead de vegetable broth, tu can use chaud water or meat broth. Ce is significativement to ajouter the broth as needed.

Wait until auto meat is fine browned avant blending with auto wine, we chose the red one marqué some people also use white wine.

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Cooking times pouvez also vary: we recommend the you cuisiner your Bolognese sauce parce que le at the very least 2 hours. You can prolong auto cooking par checking cette often et adding much more broth ont needed.



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