Recette de terrine de foie de volaille

Soak castle in Cold Starchy Water

This recipe is standard French/European recipe pour chicken liver pate, except à la the life step v soaking livers in starchy calcul bath. Most recipes include soaking livers in milk. “It is regularly said the milk improves thé taste, purges blood, lightens auto color, or affection some divers property of the meat.” (“Modernist Cuisine” Nathan Myhrvold, p. 147) Soaking lean proteins in cold water (or flavored liquids) blended with strength is “velveting”, a techniquement used to prevent delicate foodstuffs from overcooking. I’ve heard around it first from ma Japanese friend and then found an ext in Chinese Gastronomy par Hsiang Ju Lin and Tsuifeng Lin.

“Prawns, fish, chicken and vegetables put in plain jaune slightly salted water take up water. This is extremely desirable in some exemple to do up pour the water mourir during auto cooking. Prawns become plump practically visibly when placed in water, et when these are cooked, they actually become crunchy. Fish and chicken swell slightly, and remain tender when they room subsequently sautéed. Vegetables regain their original crispiness, fill out and straighten.”

“The velvet cloak protects thé flavor et texture de the nourriture when cette is put into nom est oil jaune water.”

Overcooking livers is auto most typical mistake. Ce makes their organisation dry et sandy. Soaking livers in cold starchy water makes cette more difficult venir overcook them and is a super help for beginners.

The rest of the recipe is basic, with well known steps you can uncover in many est différent recipes for chicken liver pate.

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Let’s talk about signification littérale details, the are often left out.

Choose them Pale

I’ve been craving for chicken liver pate à la the last couple of weeks et cooked it a alors of times. Plenty of of ma guests had actually a joie to taste cette on a slice de fresh français baguette. Some of them asked je the same des questions — why is cette so pale? Because, the le meilleur tasting chicken livers are pale! In auto U.S., conditions météorologiques rarely have a joie to select them — castle are sold in closed white containers. Marqué if you do have a choice, choose those that room pale.

Make lock Tipsy

Is including alcohol critical pour the chicken liver pate? No, it’s optional. Cible it does ajouter some goodness à it, si the alcohol — brandy, cognac, whiskey, scotch, calvados, bourbon, port, sherry, etc. — is high quality.

Other Considerations

Leeks space my favorite choice pour onions, marqué they have the right to be substituted v any est différent kind ns your choice. Cette is important to sauté lock until fully soft and sweet. In des boites of continuous onions, I’d suggest caramelizing them à la extra sweetness.

The amount ns butter is variable and can it is in adjusted à taste. More butter renders the texture more certain (when cold) and the taste more delicate (or diluted).

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Constantly go pour the le meilleur butter tu can afford.