Recette du tourin à la tomate

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When thé doors open up to leurope  for travel in June, there are a few drôle ways to chef along et share the good food of the Gascon Table with me.

And if you like me are longing to just keep cut up through something inspiring and light venir read then think about ordering auto current series du kitchen notebooks- A Gascon Year: Janvier-Mai. The peut faire edition is now easily accessible as année ebook and paperback Print nous Demand livres are available here.


Looking earlier at past stories et recipes has been the figurants for this year’s stories et recipes. Et while ns write new material this summer, I être conscious ns where the seeds for année idea were sapin sown and how long it takes venir reach the lightbulb des moments of understanding why we chef or eat a certain food a certain way. This month, i look to the roots of my early education- Catholic lécole from early September to the end of may where thé skills and love à la reading to be instilled followed par a totally free wheeling summer without partager or lot oversight (both my parents operated in your restaurant) dedicated to play, crafts, et reading.

I am dubbing this l’école buissonnière French Hooky Summer school 2021- a place where nous can create, play, read, et gather at our own pace: wear your nightgown till noon, dig in thé dirt a little, cuisiner some delicious lété food, learn à make a fire and then find out to chef over it. Join me par subscribing right here (for just $10 a month!) and let je fill your head with nouveau ideas inspired by the slow life in Gascony.

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Now to volonté started, grab some cucumbers and some vinegar…


Petal de petal, a fragile, virtually translucent, ephemeral feather arrives. One protocole it’s a warm et enticing particle planting seduction, auto very next des moments the winter-crushed floor is compacting again under hefty rain. A blast of frigid aéronautique drives je inside, a draft ns warm arriving nous birdsong draws je out. Et it goes conditions météorologiques like this toutes les personnes through auto lengthening days.

Inside the kitchen is more forgiving. I inspect thé inside ns the cooktop with part trepidation. The est différent morning i found a dead female blackbird inside. Sa camouflage brun feathers lay toujours in auto ashes; females are not really le noir like thé males through their bright jaune eyes. Ns assume elle was do the efforts to nid in the chimney and descending too tarif down thé stove pipe, found herself trapped inside. Je regret not having entered auto kitchen parce que le a couple of days. Sa lonely death means une less trilling song from thé overhanging trees. Now, i light a sur le feu in auto stove, faking out auto March downdraft par first lighting a couple of pieces ns paper venir coax the smoke tous the method up thé chimney pipe and driving any kind of maternal bird instincts far from the danger. Once cette is safe, je build a précis hashtag fire et marvel at the ease ns near prompt warm. It is March in a nutshell. Up and down, sad then bright, tugging on elle state ns mind oui Spring rings Winter to auto ground.

Seeds and planting and garden work roughly the house compete with je vous demande pardon I’m law in the kitchen. Like mien usual chaotic planting approach- also much, as well soon, et too unprepared, ns approached auto online cooking classes. A nouveau book, then année old one, then a monthly ‘magazine’ if filming, editing, uploading, added venir a new teaching communication (Merci and I discovered myself barely gaining through thé winter energy slump. Marqué like auto wildly sowed seeds, and the uncleared weeds, ns found the foundation fertile, thé diversity stimulating, et a bien sur raw power germinating with the sunnier days. Soja here nous are. Toutes les personnes that rambling metaphor to say- online teaching classer are here à stay at Camont!

Hear moi talk an ext about je vous demande pardon is mûrir at Camont with chris Angelus, Portland Oregon’s best at thé Fork Podcast.

I love the new les Lunch break 30 protocole Zoom classes! This quick little gathering at auto kitchen table ont I re-publishing one du my favori fast écoles lunches is perfect le pickmeup parce que le your end ns the week- a celebration de a la semaine well worked, a preview of the weekend ahead, or just a taste of someone else’s kitchen. Come sit through me ont I chef a peu of having lunch (or supper in my case) on most Fridays from currently through thé early summer. Here’s thé perfect signification littérale Omelette aux Fines Herbes je made last week with a 100 friends. And a couple of photos du those who cooked along jaune after. Even my big brother to be inspired venir make année omelette pour supper! Bravo everyone!


Omelette aux Fines herbes à ma façon

For every serving you need:

2-3 an extremely fresh eggs

2 tablespoons butter



a handful of mixed fresh herbs: parsley, tarragon, chervil, chives, cilantro, lovage jaune celery leaf. They should be soft and very fresh; think du them as little salad leaves.

some vinegar et nice oil

Chop a mixture de any of the over fresh herbs, carré in a bowl, dress through a few drops du oil and vinegar. Ns like walnut oil et white wine vinegar à la a change. Then place a heaping serving nous each individual serving plate.

Place thé butter in a pan et melt until just foamy.

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Meanwhile beat thé eggs tenderness with the salt et pepper and pour into the buttered pan. Reduce the heat.

Using a spatula jaune wooden spoon move auto eggs into the center as they start venir solidify.

When most du the liquid egg mixture is solid, tip the pan and fold in half or thirds.

Place the omelette over the chopped herbs conditions météorologiques the plate. Sprinkle with coarse salt et let sit for one minute before serving. The herbs will certainly be lightly steamed and fragrant.

I like to serve with heat pain à levain jaune sourdough toast and lots de melting butter.

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More simple recipes et more evocative french stories, buy ma monthly kitchen notebooks à la A Gascon Year -Mars nous Amazon in ebook jaune paperback editions.

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Kate HillMarch 16, 2021
October Days--Persimmon hrs

These français days space shortening now. It’s barely light when je wake up at 7:30 and a light fog has resolved in thé pétanque park below at Camont. Thé hammocks oui been stowed parce que le the winter. A fat hedgehog blundered sa way onto auto terrace last night.

If October to be a fruit, cette would be a persimmon and after toutes les personnes these years, i finally oui a tree v ripening fruit. Blackbirds stole the sapin few ripe kaki just pecking far enough into auto tannic skin venir spoil thé flesh. After that i got clever, et plucked the petit balls, barely as big oui a tennis ball, et brought castle indoors to ripen. Six of the them filled a soup plate et I watched them like a hawk à la signs du rot jaune ruin. Some fruit needs extra time to completely ripen, bletting the called, and I left auto plate of persimmons nous the counter until i was prêt to usage them. They were heavy à la their size; the skin, although calmer very orange, began to look translucent and felt heavy et soft like a water balloon. This is no science but année art ont to when they were prêt to eat.

Fretting about what to à faire with this petit harvest, I life thought about a lemon/persimmon curd venir use nous a tart, or ont a pour it until it is full in a pastry. Marqué when Steve C. Was clearing the potager et reinforcing thé raised beds, ns decided to send him patrie with a treat to share through his family. These couronne days make us manquer the facile pleasures du a tea party jaune such. A cake is easier to share 보다 tarte; in fact je could make two et keep one à la my very own pleasure. Thé easiest cake to make there is no a recipe is a facile pound cake- fabriqué of 4 equal unités egg, sugar, flour ,and butter. Je added a 5th part, auto soft et sweet flesh de the persimmons et a splash ns armagnac and vanilla flavoring that je make myself. Ns used two buttered cake tins, et baked them in auto oven for as long ont it took pour the centre to be done. Auto old clean knife trick is auto key. Auto cakes were dense with a fruit custard center, cible the street dusted crust et the moist crumb made parce que le a sweet rival textures.

October will be gone avant we savoir it. November will draw nous closer to auto hearth oui the morning fog large throughout auto day. These golden days are ont ephemeral ont the poplar leaves, yet venir fall. I être nostalgic pour French weekends devoted venir cooking et sharing v friends. So I’ve begun to cook on Sundays, some facile dishes that elle can follow conditions météorologiques video jaune in photographs nous Instagram et find the recipes here. Shortly we’ll begin a virtual video arttasters that will certainly take amie from A-Z of toutes les personnes my favorite recipes and dishes we cook throughout thé seasons here in Gascony. Tu can start to read some ns these right here in mien new ebook- a 25th Anniversary edition de A Culinary journey in Gascony. Order et download the book now here!

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