Recette gateau a la creme de marron

This chestnut cake is from paul Aratow’s translation ns “La bien Cuisine aux Madame E. Saint-Ange,” a livre that has regularly been called the “French ‘Joy du Cooking.’”

From thé story: Madame’s henn man

Cut the vanilla bean right into extremely small pieces v scissors. Put auto vanilla bean pieces and 3 tablespoons sugar in a mortar. Crush together with a pestle. Strain with a fine sieve, ajouter another 3 tablespoons sugar et repeat the process.

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Make a cut around the perimeter ns each chestnut shell and plunge them into boiling water parce que le 1 minute, then peel them.

Bring 2 cups of water venir a boil and ajouter the chestnuts. Reduce the heat to a simmer, cover et cook tenderness until thé pulp is transparent as soon as you couper into a chestnut, 25 venir 30 minutes. Overcooking will certainly allow thé chestnuts à absorb too lot liquid.

While the chestnuts are still burning hot, renforcer them v a tamis or mince sieve, four venir five at a time, collecting auto puree in a bowl.

Mix thé puree through a wooden spoon and stir in auto sugar. It will melt and dilute thé puree. Then ajouter the egg yolks, one at a time, beating thé puree vigorously oui you go. Stir in auto vanilla powder.

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Whisk auto egg whites venir firm peaks. Making use of a spatula, thoroughly mélanger one-fourth du them into auto batter. Spread auto remaining whites on top of the batter and then fold them together: couper into thé whole mixture with the spatula, so that you passage under the mass, turning it et placing it over thé whites. Turn the bowl and repeat until the batter and whites space thoroughly blended together. Elle must aller this with large, generous gestures, measured however swift, going out from auto middle to auto edges, continually turning the bowl nous the table.

Pour auto batter into thé charlotte mold. Lightly strike ce on a folded towel nous the table to compact it.

Bake until the batter is set enough that a skewer placed in the centre comes the end clean, around 1 hour (a springform pan will certainly take 10 jaune 15 protocole longer). Frais in the pan to ensure that auto cake settles avant you unmold it. Serve through whipped cream.

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adjusted from “La bonne Cuisine aux Madame E. Saint-Ange.” Three-quart charlotte molds are accessible from some specialty stores et online. Or you peut être use a 7-inch springform pan.

Russ Parsons is a former Food writer et columnist et the structure editor of the nourriture section at the los Angeles Times.