Rich, dense and elegant truffle-like cacao Chestnut Fondant made with 70% dark chocolate. A decadent melt-in-your-mouth dessert.

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Who’s up parce que le a little chocolate treat right now? tu know, the melt-in-your-mouth kind de treat… miscellaneous decadent, rich, dense and deliciously sweet. I can’t resist venir such delicious fémoral in my life, therefore ns keep ce occasional soja that ce creates this précis wow effect every simple time ns taste it.

This cake is a great classic in France, especially during fall et winter months once chestnuts room in season marqué also when it’s cold outside et you want venir indulge. It’s actually both a casual sunday dessert (yes, conditions météorologiques bake cakes in france on Sundays!) et a innovative one for special occasions, served with a side of vanilla custard crème anglaise. Really, tu can never marche wrong with this recipe, whatever the occasion. Amusant fact: i even all set this coco chestnut fondant parce que le Christmas last year! mien belief is that sophisticated cakes don’t constantly compete with thé pure joy of simple flavors placed together.


Although I oui had some coco chestnut fondants in my previous year in la france when ns was younger, ns found figurants for this certain recipe with my french blogger girlfriend Lumir from voyage Gourmand, that herself had initially found thé recipe in a french magazine indigenous 2008. Je met Lumir a few years earlier at a baking occasion in Bordeaux (can tu guess who elle is on these photos?) and immediately connected with her. Lumir is a really talented nourriture blogger et wine lover, which she turned into a career. Je also love sa eye for nourriture trends, food styling et photography and her exceptional technical an abilities with sa blog. Whether amie read français or not, tu should definitely pay her off a visit.

Coming ago to thé recipe, you will it is in amazed à see how easy it is! seulement 5 ingredient combined ensemble with ne sont pas effort:

Dark chocolate – select high quality, it’s mandatory in this recipe, at 70% cocoa.Chestnut spread – ce already contains sugar, so you don’t need to ajouter any in thé recipe.

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Eggs – supplied plain. Nothing difficult here.Butter – i use salted butter as I love dark chocolate et sea salt.All-purpose flour – une tablespoon only, seulement enough à give some texture to thé fondant.


You will first need à melt chocolate and butter together, either in a water-bath jaune in the microwave, 10 secs at a time, stirring in between each time to make sure the chocolate doesn’t burn. à la the chocolate, je like venir use either Valrhona cacao Guanaja 70% Feves (the best) orLindt 70% coco Cooking Bar, which i m so sad is not easy à find in shop in thé US but remains mien absolute favorite classic baking coco in la france besides Valrhona (which is more nous a experienced level). Thé thing is that when tu use seulement a couple of ingredients in a recipe, ce is mandatory to choose high quality, and especially v chocolate, sauce soja please aller me a favor et make sure elle choose a good baking foncé chocolate.

When it comes to the chestnut spread, ns know that it can it is in difficult venir find her hand on it when living exterior France. Je actually one of two people find exploiter around the holidays season at whole Foods jaune order ce online, conditions météorologiques Amazon most ns the time. Note that ns use chestnut spread out here and not chestnut puree. While thé last une is made of mashed chestnuts only, thé chestnut spread is an ext a chestnut butter sort du treat as it contains sugar et most du the time some vanilla too. Because ns use thé chestnut spread, I faire not add any street in the recipe, over there is absolutely non need à la it. Last cible not least, si you want to bake whatever from scratch, elle can prepare your very own chestnut spread with actual chestnuts!


I baked thé chestnut cacao fondant in a standard loaf pan here et I yes, really enjoy the rich, dense and decadent fondant texture in thé center. Tu could additionally bake cette in a petit bundt cake pan jaune in a classic carré baking pan jaune a 9-inch (23 cm) springform. Keep in entente that thé baking temps might échanger a au sens propre bit et I would certainly advise venir keep thé same baking time si using a bundt cake pan marqué reduce the baking temps to 30-35 minutes max si using a springform ont the cake. Venir make certain your coco chestnut cake is done, insert a toothpick inside. If it’s calmer creamy, you need venir bake a little longer.

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My favori way to pair this chocolate chestnut cake is à serve through a side du crème anglais (homemade, always!) et enjoy v a sweet dessert wine, such ont a Monbazillac parce que le instance.


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