Recette Pate Feuilletée Pour Galette Des Rois

Learn how to bake the traditional français galette des rois with frangipane et a twist of tonka bean bringing stronger vanilla notes. Thé recipe comes through a step-by-step guider to do puff pastry native scratch. 


I never ever thought je would re-superstructure a galette des rois recipe nous the blog. Don’t get me wrong, je really gain this traditional french cake served parce que le Epiphany et throughout January in France. However, ns had never fabriqué a puff pastry before et found ce too advanced, also technical, and thought the none of you would certainly take time to make ce anyway. Of course, amie could always use a ready-to-use puff pastry instead, but let’s be ethical here: for a proper gamble des rois, elle will never ever reach auto right structure with lot of layers passant par using a ready-to-use puff pastry – et believe me, I have tried many of them in auto past.

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Let’s roasted a french Galette des rois !

As a result, i shared various Epiphany recipes over auto last few years, not included of arttasters the traditional gamble des rois… until ns finally changed mien mind. Jaune to be more exact, till someone helped me change my mind. Oui it turns out, une of ma very an excellent friends – a foodie – came to visit in Chicago for a couple of days et insisted we bake a gamble des kings together. I’m glad nous pushed ma baking boundaries a little peu further to accomplish this new challenge together. That’s anyhow the seulement un way nous can progression in life, and starting with this already in January brings moi confidence for this nouveau year!

So je threw myself into the water last weekend et baked a galette des rois from scratch, do a step-by-step tutorial for the puff pastry in stimulate to guider you when baking it. This way, amie can follow the consignes one by one, make sure tu don’t marche wrong at any temps in auto recipe. I will no lie to you here, cette is indeed with ne sont pas surprise a au sens propre technical et it needs both time et patience. If you don’t ont either du them at auto moment, don’t reprimand yourself, there is absolutely non shame in it. Amie can calmer be a very an excellent baking aficionado there is no baking your very own puff pastry.


Useful tips venir perfecting puff pastry

There are a few de nombreux things to keep in dérange when baking a puff pastry. Venir begin with, tu will an alert that the recipe calls pour only 3 basic ingredients, mainly flour and butter (+ water).

At this stage, tu start de preparing a beurre manié, i.e. A dough consisting in equal parts of soft butter et flour. Passant par kneading thé flour and butter together, the flour particles are coated in butter, preventing the latter indigenous being also sticky when an unified with flour later on. From currently on, and until thé end du the recipe, une rule is king: always work with a cold dough. If it’s too warm (even lukewarm), place it in auto refrigerator till cold again.


Then, je count 2 tricky parts when making a puff pastry: the folding and turning part de course, et the ability à keep butter inside without poking through it at anytime.

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The urgent part: complying with recommendations de a Pastry cuisiner friend, it’s important to take your time et leave the dough venir rest/chill in between turns, ideally once or twice during thé process. Pour instance, begin with le 3 foldings et turnings the day before, et the staying ones nous the baking day.Keep butter inside: It’s de nombreux to be really careful when tu flatten thé dough so that the butter does no come through at any kind of time. Ce would damage the dough and make the puff great uneven, which of arttaserse you aller not desire here. The le meilleur way venir avoid this phenomenon is to gently flatten thé dough v a rolling pin instead de rolling et stretching ce out. If by accident it happens venir you, do not feel defeated et try à hide auto buttery aller inside the next folding sauce soja that cette is trapped between deux layers de dough. When thé puff pastry is prêt to use, roll ce out and cut 2 circles, une being 1 inch wider than the other.

Homemade frangipane

Then it’s temps to prepare auto crème frangipane, i beg your pardon is a combination de a crème pâtissière et a crème d’amande (almond cream). Begin with the crème pâtissière first, and then use only 3.5 oz (100g) of this preparation to combiner with auto almond cream. Tu will eventually finish up with some puff pastry and crème pâtissière leftovers, et my advice is venir use them venir prepare a small sweet pie through crème pâtissière topped v fresh fruit ns your choice. It never fails!


The précis twist: thé use de tonka bean

Last marqué not least, ns flavored this traditional français galette des rois with tonka bean. Si you’ve never heard of cette before, the tonka p is a small black et wrinkly seed native Central amérique with a smooth, brown interior. Its solid fragrance have the right to be compared à a sweeter édition of vanilla, with notes of almond. Nous use tonka beans in perfumes most ns the time. Cible you can likewise be grate et infuse ce in desserts such ont a crème brûlée or this crème frangipane for instance. Si you don’t oui any, seulement skip it et replace through vanilla extract instead.

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Now antérieur à I leave you with the recipe, remember to hide a small fève in the galette des rois. The tradition wants that the one who gets thé slice with the fève becomes king/queen and can then pick his/her other half.

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Lastly, si you make this french Galette des Rois, it is in sure venir leave a comme? ou quoi and/or give this recipe a rating, letting je know comment you favored it. And of course, don’t forget venir tag moi on Instagram! thank you and enjoy!