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TP-Link Technologies Co. Ltd is a world-renowned manufacturer of a large number of Computer-networking products. The products include a variety of modems, Wireless Routers, Range extenders, di động phones, Powerline Adapters, etc. If you are a TPlink product user, you will probably find the information shared below highly useful. Here we’ll discuss the TP-link router setup methods and learn how khổng lồ reset the TP-link router. You’ll get knowledge of the TP-link WiFi password change on a few TP-link models as well. So, let’s get started.

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How khổng lồ login TP-Link khổng lồ the router?

To configure your router, you need to be logged in. Follow the step-by-step instructions and know-how to login lớn router and access the TP-Link Interface.

Connect to the TP-Link network using a wireless or wired medium.However, if you don’t know the password, it’s best lớn use an ethernet cable and not require a password.Connect lớn the TP-Link Router with a Browser- open a browser & input your TP Login IP in the address bar. The standard addresses are và can đầu vào the above addresses và try lớn gain access.Tip- If these addresses don’t work for you, you can visit the TP-Link Login website, và you can use an online tool khổng lồ find the router IP.After opening the Correct TP-Link server, the TP-Link Login Username and password fields will be visible.Input the current TP-Link Login Username and passwords, if you have changed it.Else, you can use the mặc định log-on details.Now you can log in to lớn your TP-Link router.

Reset TP-link router

If you want to reset the TP-Link router, you need lớn remember that by performing a hard reset, the TPLink Router will be restored lớn Factory default Settings. So, you should load the last configuration file or opt for configuration from the beginning.

Find the WPS/ RESET button on the rear of the device or located on the front panel.

Press the WPS button for 5 seconds.The WPD /LED Light will start flashing.Press the button for 10 seconds to reset the router.

Perform the Hard Reset

Turn on the RouterPress and hold the WPS/ Reset Button for more than 10 seconds until you notice that the SYS LED becomes quick flash from slow flash.Release the button, và now the router will reboot itself to the Factory mặc định settings.

Router’s web Interface-.

Go to AdvancedClick on System Tools.Click on Backup và store.Click on the Factory default store.Click on Factory Restore.The router will reboot khổng lồ the mặc định Factory Settings.

 You can find the mặc định address domain name at the bottom label of the device.

The default login và Username are admin( You need khổng lồ enter all the letters in lowercase)

TP-Link Setup


With a router, you can easily connect multiple PCs & smartphones khổng lồ the same network. Read on lớn know the step-by-step instructions for the same and learn how to reset TP-Link Setup.

Connect the nguồn cable to lớn the in an outlet or a surge protector.Plugin the other end into the router’s power đầu vào located at the rear of the device.Your router will be powered on, & you can connect your router to the modem to connect with an mạng internet connection.Take an Ethernet Cable. Plug its one kết thúc into the internet port located on the rear of the router. You can identify the port quickly as it is blue or grey.Plug the Ethernet cable into the back of the modem. The port is probably in yellow.Log in to lớn your PC connected with the TP-Link router.Open any web browser và type in htTP://TPlinkwifi.net in the address bar.The above address will typically work, but if it doesn’t, then you can kiểm tra the backside of the router to confirm the default access address of the router.Other options you can try are htTP:// or htTP:// the Username and Password if prompted to bởi vì so.The information can be found on the same label where the router’s address is written. Most likely, both the Username và password will be admin.Choose a unique và robust password.Log in to lớn the user interface. Click on Wireless 2.4.Click on Wireless Settings.Confirm the Network Name or change the name.’The Network Name will be visible lớn the users when they’ll search for the wireless networks and want to lớn connect. (if you are unable to change the Network Name, you can follow the next step as in some models, the following kích hoạt might be required to change the Network Name.Click on Advanced, Wireless, and then click on Wireless Settings khổng lồ change the Network Name.Click on Wireless Security.Enter your new password.Click On the Save button.In the Version box, select WPA2-PSK.There are specific models on which you might need to select Security. Then click on Version, Click on WPA/WPA2 – Personal & WPA2-PSK Wireless Settings.Type your password in the Wireless Password Field.Click on Save.Now you have been successful in TP-Link Setup, và now you can effortlessly connect devices lớn your network.Important Points to lớn remember:Whenever you want to change your wireless security settings, you have to lớn reconnect your wireless device.If you have a guest network, you need to lớn repeat the above steps individually for each interface as each system is controlled separately.If your router is dual-band, then also you need to follow the instructions for each network, and you should use different Network Names for each system to lớn avoid confusion.

TPLink WiFi password change


for Wireless N Nano router: ( TL-WR702N & TL-WR802N

Log in khổng lồ the web-based utility (Management Page of TP-Link wireless router.Go lớn Wireless và Click On Wireless Security.Select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, .Enter your default TPLink Password in the PSK Password box.If you have changed the password, click on Save. Now reboot the router.

For Wireless AC Router( Steps for 11AC Wireless Router và AP Such as the C3200 Model) 

Log in the router and go to lớn Basic.

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Click on the Wireless page.

Enter your Wireless Network Name và Password.

Click on Save.

If you have changed the password, reboot the router và AP.

For Wireless G AP –(If you want khổng lồ connect Wireless G AP such as TL-WA501G, then you can follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned below to find or change the Wi-Fi password)

Log in to the AP.Go lớn the Wireless option & click on Security Settings khổng lồ verify your security page.For WEP, the password is Key 1.For WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, the default TP-Link password is PSK Password.If you have changed the password, click on the Save button. If you have changed the password, you need lớn reboot the router.

Wireless ADSL Modem Router( TD-W8901G/TD-W8951ND/TD-W8961ND models)

Login lớn the Modem.Go lớn Interface setupClick on WirelessOn the Wireless page, you’ll find the Pre-Shared Key or Key 1.If you have changed the password, reboot the modem.Go to lớn Advanced setup and then on the SysRestart page. If you have changed the passwordRestart the modem with the current settings.

For Broadcom- TD- W8960N

Login to the Modem.Go to the Wireless và then the Security Page khổng lồ locate the Wireless Key.It can be the WPA Pre-shared Key or the Network Key 1.Go to lớn Management và click on the Reboot page option.If you have changed the password, you need to reboot the modem.TP-link WiFi extender setup 

Learn how to set up a TP-Link extender. The process of the TP-Link Wi-Fi Extender setup is straightforward.

Switch off the router, modem và your PC before connecting.Take an ethernet cable và then connect the modem lớn the WAN port of the router.Now connect your PC with the router’s LAN port using the ethernet cable.Switch off your router and PC.After a while, switch on the modem.Log into the website access page of the router.The WAN connection will be configured.Enter the Username & Password.Go to lớn the Status Page and verify the WAN tab to kiểm tra the connection.TP-link ac 1750 Manual

the TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 is a wireless Dual Gigabit Router that integrates a 4-port switch, Nat-Router, Firewall, & Wireless AP. If you want khổng lồ know about the TP-Link Ac 1750 manual, then you need khổng lồ know that there are several methods with which you can connect wireless devices to lớn the extender. You can use the WPS or pin Code to lớn connect them. You can connect different wireless-enabled devices such as apk phones, tablets, & as well as Network Cards.

Below you can find the TP-Link AC 1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender Manual: Follow the step-by-step instructions for TP-link ac 1750 setup. 

Plugin the extender khổng lồ a power nguồn outlet, wit for the blue light on the device lớn become stable, và now the device is on.You need to lớn position the extender between the wireless device & the zero-signal area.Go to the domain & locate the Username & password.Go khổng lồ Settings.Click on Wireless và then on WPS. Activate It.Using the sạc method for configuring, type the sạc pin in the field given.Selecting the generate option to get a new Pin, or you can choose the default Pin by selecting the default option. It will restore the PIN lớn its settings.Press the Push Button, and it will connect the extender khổng lồ the network.Tap on the Connect option if you are using the pin sạc method.

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