Shahab Chittoor’s Hajj on foot, Pakistan’s ban, refusal to issue visa, Punjab’s Shahi Imam reacts strongly


New Delhi, October 4 (SO News/Agency) Shahab Chittoor’s name has been a topic of discussion for the past few days. The reason for this is that he started his journey from Kerala on foot for the purpose of Hajj and seems determined to move towards Makkah. But now there are reports that Pakistan has stopped the step of Shahab Chittoor. This news is not only sad, but also surprising. This is because the Pakistani embassy in Delhi had promised Shahab that he would get a visa. But now that they have reached the Wagah border, they are not being given visas.

In this regard, Shahi Imam of Punjab Maulana Muhammad Usman Rahmani Ludhianvi held a press conference on October 2 in the office of Majlis Ahrar Islam. In it, he said that Shahab Chitoor, who was going from Kerala to Mecca on foot for Hajj, has been denied permission by the Pakistani government to pass through their country. He said that Shahab was passing through Punjab these days and met him many times. It has come to light that the Pakistani Embassy in Delhi has cheated a traveler who was going to perform Hajj on foot.

In fact, the Pakistani embassy in Delhi had earlier assured Shahab Chittoor that he would start the Hajj on foot, and that he would be given a Pakistan visa when he reached the India-Pakistan border. At that time, the Pakistani embassy had argued that the first visa would expire. Hence, visa will be given to Shahab Chittoor as soon as he reaches the border.

The Shahi Imam of Punjab says that when Shahab Chittoor has reached the Wagah border by walking nearly three thousand kilometers, the Pakistani government, as usual, has refused to grant visas. I am surprised at this attitude of Pakistani officers. However, cheating is an old habit of Pakistan. Shahi Imam said that Muslims of India have never wanted anything from Pakistan government. For the first time in 75 years, when an Indian Muslim is going to Mecca on foot for Hajj, Pakistan does not even want him to pass through its soil.

Shahi Imam Maulana Muhammad Usman Rahmani Ludhianvi says that Pakistan government is not giving transit visa to Shahab Chittoor only because he is an Indian Muslim. Pakistan should be ashamed. The country that has been vilified in the name of Islam all over the world is blocking the way of Hajj pilgrimage to Shihab Chitoor. In this regard, he has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by email and has demanded that the Indian government should help Shahab Chittoor to go to Mecca via China instead of Pakistan, so that Pakistan can be seen in front of the Islamic countries of the world. The duplicitous face of


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