Shane Warne’s post-mortem report released, Thailand police release statement


Shane Warne’s post-mortem report released, Thailand police release statement

Sydney, March 8 (SO News/Agency) The world of cricket is in shock due to the death of Shane Warne, the famous former cricketer and spin bowling wizard of Australia. The post-mortem report on Hoi Warren’s death on March 4 has been released today. On Monday, Thai police released the post-mortem report, saying that his death was natural, with no evidence of foul play yet. “Police have received the post-mortem report, in which the medical information is that Shane Warne’s death was natural,” Reuters news agency said. The police will soon speak to the lawyers accordingly.”

It should be noted that 52-year-old Shane Warren went to Thailand for a holiday with some of his friends. He died on the evening of March 4 and the news shocked the cricket world. Shane Warne was staying at a bungalow where he suffered a heart attack in his room. Shane Warne was taken by ambulance to hospital where he died. The Thai police initially said that there was no apparent foul play in the death. The police also questioned Shane Warne’s three friends in Thailand.

Meanwhile, Erskine has revealed some important things about Shane Warne from ‘Nine Network’. He said, “He lived on a strange diet. Recently in such a diet he was consuming only drinks for 14 days. He had done this three or four times.” He added, “In it, he was taking only black and green juice, or white bun and misca, or a bun filled with linguine in the middle. All his life he continued to smoke. I think he must have had a heart attack.”

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