Sindh High Court disposed of Arzoofatima case


After the statement, the Sindh High Court disposed of the case related to Arzoo Fatima.

A case was heard in the Sindh High Court regarding the violation of the Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act 2013.

Minor girl Arzu Fatima appeared in the court.

The court asked the girl whether she is happy with her parents.

Arzoo Fatima gave a statement in the court that she was happy with her parents.

The court inquired that there is no pressure or fear of anyone?

Arzoo stated that no, I have no fear, I want to stay with my parents, after which the court disposed of Arzoo Fatima’s case under hearing in the Sindh High Court.

Thirteen-year-old Christian girl Arooz Fatima was lured into marriage by 44-year-old accused Ali Azhar, after which the parents approached the Sindh High Court against the disappearance of the girl.

On the order of the court, the girl was recovered and presented in the court, in the medical report, Arzoo was proved to be underage, after which the Sindh High Court sent Arzoo Fatima, who married under age, to Darul Aman.

In December 2021, the court allowed Arzoo Fatima to live with her parents until she turned 18.

Under the Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Marriage Act 2013, a boy or girl below the age of 18 cannot marry.

Violation of the Child Marriage Restraints Marriage Act is punishable by 2 years and a fine of Rs.

Those aiding and abetting the violation of the Child Marriage Act can also be jailed for up to two years.


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