Sri Lanka-style public protests broke out in Iraq, protesters occupied the parliament, Prime Minister’s appeal for peace


Baghdad, July 28 (SO News/Agency) A few days ago, due to the political instability caused by the economic crisis in India’s neighboring country, Sri Lanka, millions of protesters were seen entering the presidential palace. A similar scene was seen in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, where public protests erupted and protesters stormed the parliament building.

According to the BBC report, hundreds of supporters of Maulvi Muqtada al-Sadr stormed the parliament building, breaking the siege of the heavily secured area against the nomination of a rival candidate for prime minister. The report states that when the protesters stormed the Parliament House, no one was present in the Parliament. The police used water cannons and fired tear gas shells to disperse the protesters. The crowd was seen singing, dancing and lying on tables.

This highly secured area has many important buildings including embassies of various countries and is called the Green Zone. Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has called on protesters to vacate the building. It is noteworthy that in the elections held in October last year, Sadr’s political alliance won the most seats, but due to political impasse, they have not been able to reach power.

The pro-Iranian parties have nominated Mohammad Shaa al-Sudani as the prime minister, but the supporters of other parties rejected him and protest rallies are being held against him. This is the biggest protest in Baghdad so far against the ongoing political deadlock in the country and his nomination.


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