The British ruling India will rule over India; Rishi Sunak will be the new Prime Minister of Great Britain


London, October 25 (SONews) Britain, which ruled India for years, will now be ‘ruled’ by a person from the same India, as the leader of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party, a former finance minister and an Indian-origin diplomat. Rishi Shankar has been elected as the new Prime Minister of Great Britain, he will be sworn in on October 28.

It was only after Liz Truss resigned as Prime Minister that Rishi Sink was tipped to be Britain’s next Prime Minister, and when Penny Mardant withdrew her name from the race to become Conservative Party leader today, Sealed. Former Chief Minister Rishi Shank easily won the necessary support for the post of Prime Minister. More than half of the Conservative Party’s 357 MPs gave their support to Rishi Sunak. Rishi Sunak needed the support of at least 100 MPs to become the party leader, which he easily achieved.

The name of Rishi Shankar as the Prime Minister has been formally announced and according to the latest news, he may take oath as the Prime Minister on October 28. It is expected that the cabinet will be formed on October 29, meaning that the draft cabinet will be out in front of the people.

It is noteworthy that British Conservative Party leader Rishi Sunik will be the first Hindu and non-white Prime Minister of Great Britain. Rishi Singh’s chances of taking over the leadership of the Conservative Party got stronger on Monday after former Prime Minister Boris Johnson withdrew his name from the race for British Prime Minister. Boris Johnson withdrew from the race for Prime Minister on Sunday night.

However, after Rishi Sunk’s name was announced as UK Prime Minister, former Prime Minister Liz Truss congratulated him on being appointed Conservative Party Leader and the next Prime Minister of the UK. He tweeted, “Congratulations to Rashik Sunik on being appointed Leader of the Conservative Party and our next Prime Minister.” You have my full support.”


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