The country’s corrupt chief, Qasim Suri, is on trial for embezzling flood relief money


Senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Qasim Suri has said that the country’s corrupt chief is being prosecuted for taking the aid money of the flood victims.

According to the details, Qasim Suri while talking to the media said that the departure date of the convoy will be announced tomorrow after Imran Khan’s call, workers and people from Balochistan are excited to participate in the long march.

Qasim Suri said that the people have risen up against the corrupt and thieves, those who stole the aid money have been given power due to which the country is defaulting, the Sicilian mafia is imposing international fraud on Pakistan.

They said that they are doing a long march for the honor and independence of Pakistan, there is a case going on against the corrupt chief of the country for taking the aid money of the flood victims. by giving

He said that the container has been prepared by Syed Sadiq Agha, Provincial Senior Vice President of PTI.

Syed Sadiq Agha said that life is also present for Imran Khan, he will fully participate in the long march.


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