The FIFA World Cup became the voice of Palestine, the Israeli media was trampled by the Arabs


During the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the Arabs showed their strong support for Palestine and told the Israeli media.

According to the details, media representatives from all over the world have also arrived in Qatar to cover the biggest game in the world of sports, the FIFA World Cup. In addition to the Israeli team and fans, the Israeli media is also there to cover the World Cup.

When the Israeli media tried to get the impressions of people outside the stadium during the World Cup, they had to listen hoarsely.

Arabs shunned Israeli media at Qatar World Cup, showing strong support for Palestine Arabs reacted differently when an Israeli journalist told Arabs he was from Israel, expressing hatred for Israel.

Qataris who came to watch the match refused to talk to Israeli TV.

Lebanese fans recently told an Israeli TV reporter that Palestine, not Israel, is the original land.

As the Israeli media tried to interview soccer fans, it seemed that the Arabs of the region had a chance to raise their voice to the world, and Palestine, Arabs and non-Arabs, were united, and all expressed their hatred for Israel. Burma expressed.

When an Israeli TV reporter tried to talk to the fans in Qatar, Qatar, Lebanon, and Arabs all boycotted. The Lebanese fans told the Israeli reporter that Israel does not exist, you say that you came from Palestine.

It should be noted that Qatar does not officially recognize Israel, it has the status of a Palestinian state.


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