The great American female tennis player Serena Williams has announced her retirement


The great American female tennis player Serena Williams has announced her retirement

Washington, August 9 (SO News/Agency) Serena Williams, the famous American tennis player who made a special place in women’s tennis, has announced her retirement. After appearing on the cover of Vogue magazine’s September issue, she posted an Instagram post with an emotional retirement message. The 40-year-old tennis star said in her post, “There comes a time in life when we have to decide to move in a different direction. Times are always hard when you love something so much. “I enjoy tennis, but now the countdown has begun.”

In her post, 40-year-old player Serena Williams continued, “I have to focus on being a mother, my spiritual goals and finally finding a different but just as interesting Serena. I’m going to enjoy the next few weeks.” Notably, Serena Williams has taken tennis to new heights and inspired many girls to take up tennis with her excellent game. This is the reason why his fans are saddened by his retirement announcement.

It should be noted that the great female tennis player, Serena Williams, won this title 6 times in her career by performing brilliantly in the US Open. He captured the US Open title in 1999, 2002, 2008, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Apart from this, she has also been a 23-time Grand Slam winner. However, for some time, she was constantly suffering from injuries and was not able to perform according to her identity on the tennis court. This is the reason why he announced to say goodbye to the tennis court.

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