The head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission visited the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh


Dhaka, August 18 (SO News / Agency) On the occasion of the visit of the head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Michelle Bachelet, the Rohingya refugees have requested for protection after the recent incidents of killings, which once again made them Has become a victim of insecurity. According to the report of the news agency “AFP” published in Dawn, Michelle Bachelet spent the whole day meeting with the residents of the sprawling relief camps for refugees in Bangladesh, where about one million Rohingyas live, who have fled the neighboring country. Escape from persecution in Myanmar. Security in the camps was tightened again this month after two leaders of the refugee community were allegedly shot dead by an insurgent group active in the camps.

Religious leader Maulvi Zafar said after the meeting with the UN ambassador, “She wanted to know about the killings in the camps, we discussed with her about this and the security of the camp.” He further said that ‘we talked about strengthening the security of the camp and demanded security’. Most of the residents of these camps fled the country in 2017 after an army offensive against the Muslim minority in Myanmar. The crackdown is the subject of a case at the UN’s highest court accusing Myanmar authorities of genocide.

Security has been a persistent problem in these camps, with incidents such as multiple murders, kidnappings and police targeting of drug trafficking networks. Last September, prominent Rohingya leader Muhibullah was killed after he organized a protest of nearly 100,000 people to mark the two-year anniversary of the refugee exodus.

In the same year, he also met the then US President Donald Trump at the White House and also addressed the United Nations meeting in Geneva. Soon after their murder, 6 Rohingya students and teachers were also killed in an Islamic religious school. Camp residents blamed both attacks and two deaths earlier this month on the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, a rebel group accused of drug trafficking and killing political opponents.


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