The Supreme Court disqualified Faisal Vawda for five years


The Supreme Court has disqualified Faisal Wada for five years, the life disqualification of Faisal Wada has been removed by the court.

The Supreme Court has declared Faisal Vawda disqualified under 63 of the Civil Code, the Supreme Court said that Faisal Vawda has admitted his mistake, the Supreme Court has lifted the lifetime disqualification of Faisal Vawda. Faisal Vawda has announced his voluntary resignation from the Senate seat.

It should be noted that the Supreme Court has disqualified Faisal Wada for submitting a false affidavit.

Court disqualifies Faisal Wada under Article 63/1 C, Article 63/1 C of the Constitution disqualifies Faisal Wada for one term. The charge under Article 63/1C of the Constitution has been admitted.

The court had given two options to Faisal Wada, either to plead guilty or be ready for lifelong disqualification.


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