The thirst for knowledge brought the girl to the footpath, the video went viral


A person can achieve success in the world only through good education. However, not everyone is lucky or privileged enough to get a good quality education or get into prestigious schools.

For many people, life is unfair because it denies them basic rights. Poverty and education are closely related, as people living in poverty drop out of school to work, leaving them without literacy and critical skills.

Despite all the struggles and difficulties, there are still people who are willing to overcome all challenges and work hard to become literate.

One such inspiring video has surfaced showing a girl reading under street lights on the sidewalk.

The video, which was taken from a moving car, shows a girl, still in her uniform, writing something in her notebook under street lights.

She seems engrossed in her studies despite passing cars, her unwavering focus and dedication to her studies has impressed many on the internet.

The video has moved many people, and many have praised her for giving importance to the girl’s education.


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