The WHO renamed the variants of monkeypox


Geneva, August 13 (SO News/Agency) The World Health Organization (WHO) has named different types of monkeypox virus as Clade II A and Clade II B, of which Clade II B will be the new name of Clade II B in 2022. is the basic group of variant spread in The WHO has recommended that the new name for monkeypox be used immediately.

A group of global experts formed by the WHO took the final decision on the new names. Experts named the former variant from the Congo Basin in Central Africa as clade I and the former West African variant as clade II. Two subtypes have subsequently been added to this virus, clade IIa and clade IIb. Among them, clade IIb is the main group of variants that spread in the year 2022. WHO said the new names should be used immediately.

According to the WHO, related diseases and forms of the virus should be given names that avoid causing any cultural, social, national, regional, professional or racial offense and which may be used in any trade, travel, tourism or Minimize negative impacts on animal welfare.

It is noteworthy that monkeypox virus was named after it was first detected in 1958. The WHO officially declared monkeypox a medical emergency of international concern late last month.


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