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Faculty of Humanities of FC College in collaboration with Department of Journalism and Media Studies, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway organized a three-day workshop on Peace Journalism with various sessions on the impact of social media, national media and peace efforts and democratic traditions. .

Apart from academicians, students and journalists, representatives of more than forty national and international universities participated in the event.

Head of Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Oslomet Anne Haage Simonsen, multimedia journalist and many other notable personalities participated in the workshop.

The speakers emphasized the difference between stream media and social media, the importance of finding different channels to deal with the unethical aspects of news delivery.

Dean Humanities FC College Dr. Altafullah Khan inaugurated the workshop in which he spoke on the topic of mainstream and social media ethics and ongoing social media trends in the world.

He further said, “In order to use the social media platform effectively, there is a need to spread awareness.” Dr. Frost Jabeen in his address highlighted the importance of language and combination of Urdu-English press.

FC College University Mass Communication Department Chairperson Dr. Rachel Hasan acted as moderator in the session.

The first day ended with a statistical briefing, a session on how to balance technology with the growth of social media.

The second day started with a question and answer session between Dr. Altafullah Khan, Dean of Humanities and renowned anchor Rifatullah Khan, on the topic of “Reporting Styles in Crisis Areas and Experiences as a Journalist”. shed light on

Talking about his life experiences, Rafatullah Khan discussed various factors, he expressed his views on the problems faced by journalists while reporting in conflict zones.

Explaining his journey in investigative reporting, he spoke with tribal and foreign journalists about the growing rift between their organizations and its implications.

A live question-and-answer session was organized by Professor Ann Hage Simonsen of the University of Oslo, in which she effectively educated the participants on identifying the true meaning behind images.

Dr. Sawira Mujeeb Shami talked about different social perspectives, he talked about the role of discipline, trust, while talking about social media, he highlighted several factors related to the topic of war and journalism. Its connection was also made part of the session by Prof. Elizabeth Ed, the topic also described the scenario of propaganda, explained about the aspects of various stories.

The second day was concluded by Dr. Jatin Srivastava where he highlighted the importance of following certain terms and ethics while talking about media outlets to establish and maintain peace in journalism. Technology and social inappropriateness on the last day of the event Discussed the topic of coping behaviors.

Factors of “Online Harassment and Social Media” were also discussed, while Dr. Adeel Ahmed then presented “Conflict Resolution in the Digital Age”.

The session focused on various concepts that underlie the issues of the digital age, particularly the creation and spread of fake and biased news content, as Britta Patterson expressed in the online session.

The three-day workshop was attended by Umar Farooqui, Moazzam Ali Khan, Dr. Faiza Abid, Mohsin Chauhan, Syed Saqib, and the faculty of Mass Communication Department of FC College including journalists and academia from across the country.


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