Typhoon Noro in the Philippines caused widespread destruction, 8 people were killed


Manila, September 27 (SO News/Agency) Eight people have been killed and three are missing as a result of Typhoon Noro, which brought strong winds and rain to the island of Luzon in the Philippines over the weekend. A government agency reported this on Tuesday. The National Disasters, Risks and Management Council confirmed the death of five aid workers in flash floods in Balkan province, north of Manila, hours after the typhoon made landfall on Sunday afternoon.

The agency said it has detected three more typhoon-related deaths, one in Quezon province and two in Zambles province. However, the agency has not given much information in this regard. Three more people are missing in the Bicol region, southeast of Manila, the agency said. Noro crossed the central Luzon region on Monday night and exited the Philippines.

Noro is the 11th and most powerful typhoon to hit the Philippines this year. It destroyed crops, damaged homes, downed power lines and flooded many areas of Central Luzon Island.


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