Whale-like cargo ship lands in Asia for the first time, citizens surprised


A wheel-shaped cargo plane of the famous aircraft manufacturer Airbus has landed on Asian soil for the first time.

According to the details, this plane named ‘Beluga’, one of the largest cargo planes in the world, landed at the Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai. .

As soon as the Beluga plane landed at the international airport in Mumbai, India, it caught the attention of the crew and passengers.

The Airbus Beluga aircraft is used in air cargo transportation due to its large size.

According to the Airbus website, these transport aircraft have served the company’s industrial aircraft needs since the mid-1990s, and are being gradually replaced by a fleet of six new-generation Beluga XL versions. .

The official Twitter account of the Airbus company has posted some pictures of this big plane which has surprised everyone.

It should be noted that this plane is one of the largest cargo planes in the world, with a nose like a beluga whale.

It offers clients major cargo transport solutions for various sectors, including cargo transport services for the space, energy, military, aeronautics, maritime and humanitarian sectors.

According to the Airbus website, the plane is 56 meters long and 45 meters wide.

On Sunday, the plane landed at the Kolkata airport, instantly becoming a spectacle for people flying in and out of the city.

The wheel-shaped aircraft arrived at the Kolkata airport from Ahmedabad around 12.30 am for refueling and crew rest.

The plane, a rare tourist from this part of the world, will leave for Thailand tonight, Indian News Agency reported, quoting airport officials.


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