What habit can memory weakness lead to?


Do you often forget to put away your things? Or don’t you remember putting other daily items somewhere? So maybe it’s just a habit of yours.

Worrying too much can lead to memory loss, claims a new UK medical study.

In a study conducted at Imperial College London, it was examined how the memory of people who are often worried or anxious is?

To find out the answer, a survey was conducted on people of different ages to find out how well they remember various events in their lives.

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It was compared with the effects on five personality traits such as reactivity to a negative event, interest in the outside world, frankness, situational adaptability and conscious awareness.

According to research, people who are more anxious and irritable perform worse on memory tests.

The researchers noted that overreacting to a negative event is often linked to psychological problems, which may also have adverse effects on memory.

Similarly, contextual adaptation has also been linked to poor memory, but the reason for this is still unclear, according to the researchers.

Research has found that people who are articulate also have better memory, researchers believe that activities that stimulate the mind and body can benefit memory over time.

Such people also have a lower rate of inflammation in the brain and body, which also benefits memory, the results of this study were published in the journal Personality and.



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