When the poet of the East did not get praise for a poem! –


There was a time when the art and creation of a contemporary was commented upon, praise and appreciation were not sparing, but in the same way, criticism was also used for the purpose of improvement.

Renowned personalities and celebrities in Urdu literature maintained politeness and respect while discussing a topic with each other. In such a gathering, if any of the friends were willing to show off and show off, the party would turn into a saffron tsar.

We get to read such interesting incidents and anecdotes attributed to celebrities in literary mentions. Here we are narrating an incident attributed to Iqbal on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the poet of the East Allama Iqbal. See

Once Allama Iqbal went to Lucknow to attend an educational conference. During this trip, he agreed to travel to Tange with famous Urdu fiction writer Syed Sajjad Haider Yildirim.

Both gentlemen reached the house of dear Sahib Rashid Lakhnavi. During the conversation, Iqbal recited one of his famous ghazals to him. Dear Mr. Rashid listened to this ghazal of Iqbal very quietly and did not praise any verse. When he had recited his entire ghazal, the beloved said,

“Now listen to some ghazal in Urdu as well. Allama Iqbal used to narrate this incident among his friends.



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