Women’s football needs to be promoted in Pakistan, says FIFA referee Akhona Makalima – Bol News


FIFA referee Akhuna Makalima says that there is a need to promote women’s football in Pakistan.

According to the details, FIFA referee Akhona Makalima from South Africa, who has come on a visit to Pakistan, while talking to the media, said that I have come to Pakistan to promote women’s sports.

He said that after spending time in Pakistan, he realized that there is immense talent here. There is a need to promote women’s football in Pakistan.

Akhuna Makalima said that football will be promoted in Pakistan under the Global Sports Mentorship Program.

He said that after 2019, he came back to Pakistan to inspire young girls. If I have become a FIFA referee today, I have also come to this position after being inspired by someone.

Akhuna Makalima said that I want Pakistani girls to get a place in sports in the next few years.

He added that the world is changing, Saudi Arabia played bravely to defeat Argentina. The Saudi Arabian team adopted an aggressive approach and played bravely to beat a strong opponent.


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